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The blank sheet of paper with a question asks you to write something interesting about yourself.

How do you feel about getting started to write your college essay? Is this an opportunity to reflect your creativity and shine, or a dreaded chore? The truth is, the essay represents your last chance to significantly improve your chances of getting into your first-choice school. By now, the numeric portion of your application, the GPA, SAT, AP scores, class rank, community service hours etc. are unlikely to budge much. The essay is your chance to differentiate yourself, share something meaningful to a college admissions officer as to what makes you special and how you will make a difference to their campus.

College essay questions tend to be very broad and difficult to tackle. Getting started is the biggest challenge. In deciding how to best discuss an essay topic, it is essential that you not only answer the question, but illustrate your thoughts with an engaging and personal style.

Your essay will help colleges learn insights about you—what makes you tick, how your experiences make you interesting, what are your hopes and dreams, and who has made an impact on your life. Your essay should reflect how these experiences have influenced your ideas, decisions and choices in how you view your future. Most importantly, the essay will demonstrate how you think. Your essay allows colleges to connect with you, which can help you have a greater likelihood of being considered for admission. Your essay is your opportunity to reflect your unique style, personality and goals.

In working with your College Essay Coach, I will provide you with clear, one-on-one direction and a fresh perspective as to how to convey your ideas within a structural process. I will give you feedback as to how to improve your writing style and tailor your story within specific word count requirements.. Tackling the college essay process will give you the tools to build your confidence in putting your thoughts on paper and in making that blank sheet of paper become a canvas for your ideas.