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When you go to a restaurant and the menu has too many choices, do you become overwhelmed and tend to order exactly what you selected before (“I’ll have the usual”), or do you pause and think about something that captures your attention and try something new? Similarly, when selecting a topic to write about, think of it as your chance to illustrate a BIG idea. Your choice should not be a predictable formula; rather, it should allow for creative thought and memorable insight as to what is important to you.

Deciding what topic to write about can be the most difficult aspect in getting started. Your BIG idea should be interesting, so that you can write about it an active and personal voice. Think of the BIG idea as your opportunity to share something meaningful about yourself and how this experience makes you special. This is yoru chance to have a conversation with the Admissions committee to get to know your current interests and how you will engage on campus.

How can you pick just one thing that explains your entire life or defines your ideas? Remember, every college applicant is in the same boat. In meeting with your College Essay Coach, I will listen to you share about what most interests you and the words that you use to best describe that experience. Our conversations are a combination of talking and writing. I will provide feedback that will help point you to a topic that is the basis of your BIG idea, so that you can write with personal involvement and flair. Think of this as an ongoing conversation on paper between you and the reader.