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Writing your essay helps you give personality and meaning to your BIG idea, which answers the essay question. However, your BIG idea can not stand alone without a structure that supports the main purpose. All supporting elements should be persuasive and focused in illustrating your thoughts.

Your writing style helps your essay come to life by infusing energy and commitment to your ideas. Without your unique style, your essay will be dull, boring and run-of-the-mill-- which will NOT differentiate you among the other applicants. Rather, your essay should be convincing, not only in the strength of each point, but in the tone, manner and images that your create with your writing style. As your coach, it is essential to trust in the BIG idea and not oversell with distracting tangencies or undersell with the bare bones.

When reading a story, think of the elements you enjoy – setting the stage to describe the environment, listening to the colloquial dialogue between the characters, and creating humor, action and suspense. What happens next?!? How the story ends is your conclusion. Your writing style helps your essay flow naturally (with a sequence of events or examples) and reinforces your BIG idea with personality and intimacy.