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Champlain College Honors Staff and Faculty

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

On behalf of President David F. Finney and the Board of Trustees, Champlain College is pleased to announce the 2014 recipients of… the Francine Page Excellence in Teaching Award…Marketing adjunct Margo Bartsch….

2014-15 Francine Page Excellence in Teaching Award Winner: Margo Bartsch

The Francine Page Excellence in Teaching Award bears the name of an adjunct faculty member of the College community who has shown dedication to students and to the mission of Champlain College through a demonstration of excellence in teaching. Further, it is given to a person who has demonstrated a commitment to striving for excellence both in content expertise and pedagogically-sound teaching and learning practices.

In each of Margo's evolving courses, students participate in semester-long group projects that involve topics spanning from global current events to helping local small businesses brand themselves.

for years, students have shared their admiration for this instructor for their hands-on learning style. relevant case-studies, trade articles, and other media are shared and discussed in every class, and the chapter decks this instructor spends a great deal o time making each week help students grasp the most important parts of marketing and advertising.

Her passion and commitment this year to the Sarah Ramsey '12 Strong Fund has been inspiring and has truly demonstrated the personal relationships she has made with her students, past and present.

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